Ministry of Finance, Statistical Service


The legal basis for the collection and publication of official statistics in Cyprus is provided by the Statistics Law No. 15(I) of 2000. This Law, which repealed the previous one of 1968, is fully harmonised with the relevant statistical acquis and the patterns of European Statistical Laws. It forms the legal basis for the collection, production and dissemination of statistical information and includes general provisions governing the statistical system in Cyprus. It also specifies the tasks of the Statistical Service and redefines its role and function as the agency responsible for the production of official statistics.

Among the issues included in the new legislation are provisions for the setting up of a Statistical Advisory Council, the preparation of five-year and annual work programmes, the access to administrative records and the technical autonomy, the rules of confidentiality as well as the use of common classifications and practices by all actors in the statistical system. In addition, the Statistics Law provides for the carrying out of statistical enquiries decided upon by the EU and the transmission of data subject to statistical confidentiality to Eurostat.

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