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Latest Figures: Index of Industrial Production, Oct 2013 (NEW BASE 2010=100)

The Index of Industrial Production for October 2013 reached 74,5 units (base 2010=100), recording a decrease of 11,5% compared to October 2012. For the period January – October 2013, the index showed a decrease of 12,9% compared to the corresponding period of the previous year.

For Manufacturing, the index for October 2013 reached 75,2 units, recording a decrease of 11,4% compared to October 2012.

As from this release, the Index of Industrial Production is presented with 2010 as a new base year (instead of 2005). The change of base year every five years is usual practice that aims at better reflecting changes in the structure of the industrial sector that had taken place over the five-year period. This procedure involves an update of the weights used for the calculation of the index (which represent the relative importance of the various economic activities) and changes in the sample of enterprises.

Data for the Index of Industrial Production with the new base year (2010=100) have been calculated for all years as from 2010 onwards and are presented in the Archive of Key Figures. In the Archived Key Figures users can also find data with the previous base years: 2005=100 and 2000=100.



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