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Ministry of Finance, Statistical Service

Latest Figures: Residents of Cyprus Travelling Abroad, Jun 2013

On the basis of the results of the Passengers Survey, arrivals of tourists reached 308.219 in June 2013 compared to 329.977 in June 2012, recording a decrease of 6,6%. A decrease of 32,0% was recorded in tourist arrivals from Greece (9.206 in June 2013 compared to 13.530 in June 2012), 13,0% decrease from the United Kingdom (111.156 compared to 127.747) and 10,7% decrease from Germany (9.554 compared to 10.693 last year). However, an increase of 20,6% in tourist arrivals was recorded from Russia (from 80.145 in June 2012 to 96.618 in June 2013).

For the period January – June 2013 arrivals of tourists totalled 924.135 compared to 993.736 in the corresponding period of 2012, recording a decrease of 7,0%.



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