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The Statistical Service announces that it has published the report “Labour Force Survey” for 2001 and 2002 which is a household survey carried out annually according to a regulation of the European Union. The report provides data on the employed and unemployed population which are analysed by gender, age, education, branch of economic activity and occupational group. Data are also presented on second jobs and the weekly hours of work.

2. The main findings of the survey are the following:

(a) The labour force (i.e. the employed and unemployed persons) amounted to 326
thousand in 2002 consisting of 56% men and 44% women.

(b) The employed persons reached 315 thousand and the employment rate for persons 15-64 years was 68,5%. The corresponding rate for males stood at 78,8% while that for females was much lower at 59,0%. Both rates, however, are among the highest in the European Union.

(c) The labour force of Cyprus has a relatively high educational background since one-third (32%) of the workforce have completed tertiary education and 38% completed upper secondary education.

(d) Almost 23 thousand persons or 7,2% of the employed worked on a part-time basis and two-thirds of these reported that they did not want full-time employment and only 17% could not find a full-time job.

(e) About 5% of the working population or 15 thousand persons reported having a second job and a large proportion of these (40%) chose agriculture as a sideline.

(f) The unemployment rate amounted to 3,3% of the labour force which was lower for males 2,6% and higher for females 4,2%. The highest rate of unemployment was observed among young persons below 25 years of age where it accounted for 7,7% of the labour force of the same age.

3. The report is available for sale at the Government Printing Office in Nicosia at the price of £5,00 per copy.

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