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Latest Figures: Labour Force Survey - Main Results, 4th quarter 2009

According to the results of the Labour Force Survey, which is carried out in accordance with a European Union Regulation, for the 4th quarter of 2009, the number of employed persons amounted to 383,3 thousand (males 210,5 thousand and females 172,8 thousand) and the number of unemployed persons to 24,3 thousand (males 13,7 thousand and females 10,5 thousand).

The employment rate for persons aged 15-64 was 70,0% (males 77,2% and females 62,9%) and remained at the same level as in the previous quarter while it recorded a slide decrease from the corresponding quarter of 2008.

The unemployment rate amounted to 6,0% of the labour force (males 6,1% and females 5,7%) while in the corresponding quarter of 2008 the rate was lower at 3,3% (males 3,0% and females 3,8%). Also the unemployment rate for young persons aged 15-24 amounted to 16,5% of the labour force of the same age group recording an increase both from the previous quarter and the corresponding quarter of 2008.

For the whole 2009 the unemployment rate was 5,3% in comparison to 3,7% in 2008. A more detailed analysis of the survey data is presented in the description that accompanies the main results tables.

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