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New Publication: Industrial Statistics, 2008

The Statistical Service announces the publication of the annual report “Industrial Statistics, 2008”. The report provides detailed data on the broad industrial sector, covering manufacturing, mining and quarrying and electricity and water supply.

In 2008, the sector continued its recovery in a higher rate than 2007. The real rate of growth (as measured in terms of the value added at constant market prices of 2000 by the chain linking method) is provisionally estimated at 3,7% compared to a growth of 1,6% in 2007 for the whole industrial sector. For manufacturing an increase of 3,3% is estimated, for mining and quarrying an increase of 5,5% and for electricity, gas and water also an increase of 4,8%.

The major developments within each section during 2008 were:

Mining and Quarrying

The mining and quarrying sector in 2008 increased by 14,3% at current market prices compared to the previous year. It is estimated that the value added of the sector increased from €52,2 million in 2007 to €59,7 million in 2008.


The value added of the manufacturing sector at current market prices reached €1.345,8 million in 2008 compared to €1.225,3 million in 2007, presenting an increase of 9,8%. This fact is due mainly to the growth of the food products, beverages and tobacco and the other non-metallic mineral products sub-sections.

Food, beverages and tobacco industries, which traditionally constitute the largest sub-section, in 2008 contributed 32,6% to the manufacturing value added, compared to 31,2% in 2007. The value added registered an increase of 14,7% and reached €438,8 million compared to €382,7 million in 2007 at current market prices. The continued growth of the construction sector enabled the sub-section of the other non-metallic mineral products to increase its contribution to the value added of manufacturing and reach €217,7 million compared to €201,1 million in 2007 at current market prices, registering an increase of 8,3%. This assisted the group to remain the second largest in manufacturing.

The price index of domestically produced manufactured goods rose by 7,5% over 2007, compared to a 4,5% increase in the previous year. This is attributed to an increase of 8,2% in local market prices and 1,6% in export prices.

Industrial exports increased significantly from €374,2 million in 2007 to €422,6 million in 2008. Exports towards the countries of the European Union contributed 56,2% to the total of exports, exports to the countries of the Middle East 15,9% and exports to other countries 27,9%.

Expenditure on fixed assets in the sector during 2008 increased significantly to €210,5 million compared to €188,6 million in 2007. Machinery and equipment accounted for 53,2% of the total investment, new buildings and works for 31,7% and transport equipment for the remaining 15,1%.

Employment in the manufacturing sector increased to 37,4 thousand people compared to 37,1 thousand people in 2007. The percentage share of unemployment in the sector to the total unemployment in the economy is estimated at 7,8%, with average unemployment reaching 1.133 persons in 2008 compared to 1.433 in 2007.

Electricity and Water Supply

During 2008 there was an increase in the rate of growth in this sector, estimated at 3,4%, compared to 11,6% in 2007. The value added of the sector at current market prices reached €321,8 million.

Sales of electricity rose by 6,0% and reached 4.555,8 million kWh in 2008 from 4.298,3 million kWh in 2007. Consumption of electricity by households increased by 4,7%, for water pumping purposes by 14,3% and for public lighting by 10,4%.

Consumption of water in towns is estimated to have decreased by 6,1% to 30,2 million tonnes, compared to 32,2 million tonnes in 2007.

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